About Us

We are a people who have committed to do these things together:

Embrace people as they are.

Share God’s love in word & deed.

Grow in faith together.

We are outwardly focused and theologically diverse. We believe that each person helps us understand God better, and so we listen to one another, rather than insisting on believing in one way. As a United Methodist community of faith, we hold to the historic doctrines of the Christian faith. We are passionate and have strong convictions, but we recognize that the world is not always black and white.

We value intellect and modern science, and we commit to taking the Bible seriously (though not always literally) as an authoritative guide for faith and practice. In keeping with our United Methodist tradition, we use the resources of tradition, reason, and experience to interpret what we encounter in scripture. We believe that  Holy Spirit is present as our guide when we ask questions, and wrestle with difficult issues with grace and compassion.

We commit to living in the tension of differing understandings and opinions, so that we can all become better followers of Jesus Christ. We believe that worshipping in community, spiritual disciplines like personal prayer and reading scripture, and gathering in small groups can help us to grow in faith so that we can share God’s love in word & deed.

The people of Hanscom Park United Methodist Church have open hearts and opens minds. We strive to truly embrace people as they are. We believe that God dreams of a transformed world – one that includes abundance, love, and justice for all people. We are working to be part of that dream. We hope you will join us.

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