The Bible Says What?! Stories that will bewilder you, challenge you, and just might change your life. (January 7 – February 11)

image of bible with words the bible says whatHave you ever picked up the bible, read a passage and wondered “What the heck am I supposed to do with that?” Me too! All the time. Join us for six weeks starting on January 7 as we try to make sense and meaning out of the sometimes-strange stories we find in our holy book. Even as we wrestle with these difficult texts, we might just find that God is there in the midst of it all.

January 7 – The Bible Says What?! About The Three Kings
January 14 – The Bible Says What?! About Harming People in God’s Name
January 21 – The Bible Says What?! About Prophets Behaving (Very) Badly
January 28 – The Bible Says What?! About Fish-related (and other) Miracles
February 4 – The Bible Says What?! About Who Can be God’s Messenger
February 11 – The Bible Says What?! … The Whole Point of Scripture

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