The Lord is My Shepherd

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen January 17, 2020 Video of entire service: Scripture: Psalm 23 This week on Facebook, I did a little crowd-sourcing for this sermon. I asked you about what I would call our “scriptural comfort objects.” Just like I talked in the Children’s Time about a “comfort object” being something that might remind us of the safety and security we feel in the presence of God, these scriptures might function in the same way. While the scripture itself is obviously not God, it provides us a sense of the presence of God so that we might feel ...
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Hatin’ on the Sheep

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen January 10, 2021 Video of entire service: Scripture: Genesis 46:28-34 All shepherds are abhorrent to the Egyptians. That’s some strong language, and when I first read it in today’s scripture, all I thought was, “Why are the Egyptians hating on shepherds?” I actually did a lot of research and reading this week to figure it out.  But first, we need to understand the context of the story. The Joseph in the story is our famous Joseph-and-the-Amazing-Technicolor-Dreamcoat Joseph. He has been living in Egypt and working for the Pharaoh since his brothers sold him into slavery ...
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A Faith that Can Handle the Truth

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen December 6, 2020 Video of whole service:  Scripture: Isaiah 40:1,3-11 This week, as I prepared to preach, I kept thinking of a fairly iconic line of movie dialogue. It is from a movie of my youth, something I’m sure the Gen Xers among us would know right away. It’s a military court scene, and in it, Tom Cruise is interrogating Jack Nicholson – about what, I honestly don’t remember. But I do know, that at height of Tom Cruise’s cross examination, he yells at Jack Nicholson, “I want the truth!” And what does Nicholson respond? ...
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And We Will Laugh

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen November 22, 2020 Video of entire service: Scripture: Genesis 18:1-5 A couple of Saturdays ago, I had a Zoom meeting with the Vital Congregations Board of the Great Plains Annual Conference. (The Conference is the Methodist body we are a part of – they oversee all the churches in Nebraska and Kansas.) The Vital Congregations Board is the group who, among other things, determines which churches are awarded Urban Ministry Grants and how much money those churches will get. I was there asking for start-up funding for our ministry with New Americans (immigrants & refugees), ...
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The Little Church That Could

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen November 15, 2020 Video of whole service:  Scripture: Haggai 1: 1-8 Last week, we talked about the prophet Jeremiah living in the midst of the destruction of his community after the Babylonians came in and ransacked Judea. And as you remember, they also sent many of the citizens of Judea into exile into Babylon. Well, as we know, empires come and go, and it wasn’t long before the Babylonians were defeated by the Persians. Here in the Book of Haggai, instead of living under Babylonian rule, Judea found itself under Persian rule. The Persians, in ...
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