How Are the New Americans?

Rev. Chris Jorgensen & Dr. Betty Kola February 20, 2022 Video of entire service: Scripture: Mark 5:1-20 The day is finally here. Guess what part of the scripture we are talking about today?! That’s right. The Legion and the pigs. Just like I’ve been promising you. So, in the scripture, we hear about this man who is suffering and outcast because of what is described in the text as demons. Now, we’ve been talking these last couple of weeks that the man could have been experiencing a kind of mental illness. Of course, the gospel writer would not have ...
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Walking Toward Each Other’s Full Humanity

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen February 13, 2022 Video of entire service: Mark 5:1-20 Well here it is again: this wild story about the Gerasene demoniac. Remember how last week, I promised you I’d explain the especially bizarre part about the demons being a Legion and Jesus casting them out into the pigs? Are you dying of curiosity about that part? Well, too bad. That’s next week. I 100% pinky swear promise we will talk about the Legion of demons and the pigs as an introduction to hearing from Dr. Betty Kola next week. Okay, so pigs are not our ...
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by Rev. Chris Jorgensen February 6, 2022 Video of entire service: Scripture: Mark 5:1-20 So, this is the story of the Gerasene demoniac. As you heard, it is a rich and complex story. It’s so rich and complex in fact that we are going to explore it for three consecutive weeks. Now, I understand this is a lot of time to be spending with this somewhat odd story. Perhaps no church has ever done it before! But you are going to have to just trust me on this one.  I especially want to note that we will be ending ...
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Follow That Star(Word)!

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen January 9, 2022 Video of entire service: Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12 What a story this is! These wise men, these stargazers, these astrologers (probably not actually kings per se – that’s an insertion from a Hebrew Bible text)…But imagine these Persian astrologers…they are looking at the sky one night, and they see an unusual star.  Now we can only presume the magi had lives of some sort. Scholars believe they were probably members of some kind of a priestly class. They would have had some level of status in their community. Maybe they had families. They ...
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Blue Christmas Transformed

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen December 12, 2021 Video of entire service:  Scripture: Luke 1:5-12; 57-64; 67-79 I want to start by offering you a blessing today. This is a poem, a prayer, a blessing by Jan Richardson. Perhaps close your eyes if you would like and be in an attitude of prayer as you hear these words. This is called “A Blessing When the World Is Ending:” Look, the world is always ending somewhere. Somewhere the sun has come crashing down. Somewhere it has gone completely dark. Somewhere it has ended with the gun, the knife, the fist. Somewhere ...
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