Surely the Lord is in This Place – July 3, 2022

Message – Surely the Lord is in This Place!  Scripture: Genesis 28:10-19 As a child I fell asleep to music and, without fail, it would be the Little Mermaid cassette tape or the Beauty and the Beast cassette tape.  Looking through the lens I see my life through, I would have said those were probably my favorite movies when I was little.  However, my mom views my life through a different lens and she remembers my favorite childhood movie a little differently.  She remembers a much, much, much younger me about 4 years old probably that would reenact the scene ...
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Forgiven and Freed

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen June 5, 2022 Video of entire service: Scripture: Luke 15:11-32 I have to start this sermon with a confession. I almost forgot about Pentecost this year. When I was outlining this sermon series on all the things that I wanted to make sure I talked about before I left…When I was outlining this series, I totally forgot that today was Pentecost. So when we sat down to plan worship, I was like, “Eeeee – it’s Pentecost on the day I wanted to talk about forgiveness.” Then I was like, “I don’t care. We are just ...
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Love is Gritty

by Rev. Chris Jorgensen May 22, 2022 Video of Entire Service: Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13 In this book we have been exploring, Tuesdays with Morrie, there are two main characters. There is Morrie. Morrie is a professor. He is the teacher. He is dying of ALS, and he has reconnected with his student, Mitch. Mitch functions in this book primarily as a collector of Morrie’s stories, a vector (if you will) for Morrie’s wisdom. Mitch visits Morrie in his home every Tuesday. He’s there with his tape recorder to capture Morrie’s wisdom that he will then share with us.  ...
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The Wondrous Cross

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen May 15, 2022 This week, like last, we are going to start with a scene from the book Tuesdays with Morrie. The year was 1995. After his diagnosis with ALS, Morrie had become an inspiration to the people around him. Morrie refused stop living even though he was dying. As we discussed last week, he did not hesitate to look suffering and death right in the face. Morrie still could embrace gratitude and joy. One of Morrie’s friends wrote an article about him that was published the Boston Globe newspaper. This article got the attention of ...
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To Know God

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen May 8, 2022 Video of entire service: Scripture: Isaiah 49: 13-15 How many of you have read the book, Tuesdays with Morrie? Or seen the movie? It’s kind of a famous book, but I had never read it until a couple of weeks ago. I just sort of vaguely knew what it was about before then. But when I decided to do this sermon series about “things I’ve been meaning to tell you,” it popped into my mind. That’s because it is about a man named Morrie who is dying, and he has this series ...
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