Love is Enough

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen November 7, 2021 Video of entire service: Philippians 1:3-11 So how many of you sent a Thank You card this week from your Festival of Gratitude packets? Hands here? Likes online? There’s still time! There are more cards out in the foyer if you want to take them. Don’t wait to share gratitude and love with whomever you are thinking of these days. As I thought about who I’d like to thank this week, I started thinking of people from my past, friends from different times in my life. One of those friends was Jodie ...
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Holy Indifference and Jesus-Like Dreams

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen October 17, 2021 Video of Entire Service: Scripture: 1 Corinthians 4:7-13 The year was 1997. It was my senior year of college. I was taking an Advanced Poetry Writing class, and we had the opportunity to have one of our poems critiqued by a poet-in-residence, Edward Hirsch. Now, Hirsch was quite renowned. His books of poetry had won awards. He was a professor of poetry at a large university, and we were at just small, little college. He was a well-published literary critic. He was also very tall if I remember correctly. He was a fairly imposing man. I was very ...
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You are God’s Beloved

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen w/special guest Deaconess Leah Wandera October 10, 2021 Video of entire service: Scripture: Mark 1:9-11 I hope you were all listening during the children’s time because honestly, there’s not much more to say here. This truth is so simple, yet I know it is so hard to believe sometimes. But I’m just going to keep telling you until you believe it. You. You are God’s beloved child with whom God is well-pleased. I want you to hear your name spoken today. I invite you to say it out loud. Fill in the blank with your name: ____________________, you are ...
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Humans Anonymous

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen September 26, 2021 Video of entire service: Scripture: Psalm 69: 1-3; 13-18 Okay, I need your help as this sermon starts. It’s going to be like a play, and you all have a line. I’m going to say a sentence, and your job is to respond, “Hi, Chris!”  “My name is Chris, and I am a broken and flawed human.” “Hi, Chris!” Now this scene might ring a bell. I’m not sure how many movies I’ve seen that have dramatized a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, but they often include that iconic line. The newcomer says ...
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Unanswered Prayers

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen September 19, 2021 Video of Entire Service: Scripture: Matthew 26:36-45 So, last week I promised you that this Sunday, we would attempt to answer this very hard question: why doesn't God answer my prayers in the way that I desire? It is a question being asked this morning by many members of Husker nation. Too soon? I will confess that I did briefly consider preaching on something else and just hoping you would forget, but that service was recorded and streamed to the whole world. So here we are. Hard question week, it is. Why ...
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