This Sermon is Not Finished

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen February 28, 2021 Video of Entire Service: Scripture: Mark 7:24-30 This sermon is not finished. It’s not because I haven't been thinking about it a lot. I’ve been thinking about it even before this week, and I’ve been working on it all week long. In fact, on Monday I talked to my friend the Rev. Debra McKnight.  I said, “Debra, what scripture would you use if you were preaching on racism?" Debra did not hesitate. Immediately, she said, “I would definitely preach about the Syrophoenician Woman.” To which I responded, “Is that the one where Jesus ...
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Hard Conversations Infused with Love

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen February 21, 2021 Video of the entire service: Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 Well, this sermon series seemed like a good idea at the time. I mean, it is really, truly, liturgically appropriate to have a Lent sermon series called “Do Better.” Lent is about repentance, about turning back toward God and one another. It really is about doing better. I mean, giving up chocolate for Lent is fine (especially if every time you don’t pick up that chocolate, you are reminded of the God for whom you fast.) If you are a chocoholic, that’s actually ...
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The Beloved and Loving Flock

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen February 14, 2021 Video of entire service: Scripture: John 21:15-17 Simon Peter is not special. I repeat...Simon Peter is not special. That’s the most interesting thing I learned from commentator Gail O’Day as I studied this week’s scripture. Dr. O’Day reminded us not to mash up our gospel readings – that we should understand what the authors are trying to say in the context of each particular gospel. See, Peter, in the Gospel of Matthew is super special. He is the rock on which Jesus will build his church. He is the foundation. This is ...
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The Truly Good Shepherd

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen February 7, 2021 Video of entire service: Scripture: John 10:1-18 So last week my friend and colleague Pastor Debra preached here at Hanscom Park, and this morning, through the miracle of technology, I am actually preaching this week at Urban Abbey as well. They record their services on Thursday evening. What I told our friends at the Abbey and what I will tell you is that Pastor Debra threw me under the bus with this Gospel of John passage this week. When we were looking at which of us would preach which scripture, she was ...
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Baaaaaaaad Sheep

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen January 24, 2021 Video of entire service: Scripture: Ezekiel 34:1-22 Wow. You all. This is a ROUGH text. I mean, it sounds rough on the face of it, right? The prophet Ezekiel here is speaking in the voice of God, and he is not pulling any punches. No one gets off easy in this text. Ezekiel lets them know, in no uncertain terms, that they are, excuse my pun, baaaaaaad. Okay, that’s the last time you are going to be able to laugh in this sermon. Because it gets even more harsh when you know ...
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