This Mess

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen September 13, 2020 Video of whole service: Scripture: John 9:1-12 I am so excited to preach about this scripture. This is definitely one of my favorite stories in the gospels. It starts by telling us that Jesus was on the move. He was walking along. As he walked, he sees a man who had been blind since birth.  Jesus’ followers see him, too. Immediately, they ask this question, “Teacher, who sinned, this man or his parents that caused him to be born blind?” Now this was a reasonable question given their first-century worldview which assumed ...
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A Life Well-Lived

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen September 6, 2020 Video of whole service: Scripture: Luke 12:22-31 I preached on this same scripture in the garden this past Thursday. If you were there, you will know that I was motivated to choose it by own my deep need to experience the comfort of God’s presence in such an uncomfortable time of living during a global pandemic.  I am regularly afflicted by the worry that Jesus talks about in this scripture. Now, I know I am not unique in this. When Jesus said, “And can any of you by worrying add a single ...
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The Expanded Family of God

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen August 30, 2020 Video of whole service: Scripture: Mark 3:31-35 As you can tell from today’s Children’s Message, I have been thinking about family this week – specifically this question: who is included in the family of God? Well, that got me thinking about Matt, Ruby, and I spending Thanksgiving those couple of years with Jerry and Randy and their friends and family. As I thought about that, suddenly I remembered that there were also people around during my childhood for family get-togethers, who weren’t technically family. There was my Grandma Ina’s friend Ruth who ...
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It’s Not About Us

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen August 23, 2020 Video of whole worship service: Scripture: Matthew 26:26-29 So, today, I want you all to think back, way back, to the beginning of this global pandemic in March. Remember how surprised we all were, how suddenly everything was totally out of whack, how we were scared and confused about what was going on and what would happen next? Personally, I was struggling. Let me tell you where my head was at. We here at Hanscom Park church, in February 2020, had just had an amazing month. We had our highest in person ...
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Amazing Grace in the Mirror

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen August 16, 2020 Video of whole service: I have to tell you I am excited about this sermon series. I think this notion of finding the Sweet Spot of Salvation is really so key to helping us to live a life centered in our faith in God and our love of our neighbor. Now, those of you who were in Worship in the Garden on Thursday got to hear the long version of what the Sweet Spot of Salvation is, but I’m going to give you all the short version since this will be unfolding ...
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