Be Another Mary

by Rev. Chris Jorgensen April 4, 2021 Video of entire service:  Scripture: Matthew 28:1-10 This morning we heard two different gospel writers’ accounts of the resurrection. Yet when we start at the resurrection, we’re kind of getting plunked down right in the middle of the story. So I want to invite you with me this morning to travel back about seven days into the Gospel of Matthew. I am particularly interested in what these first witnesses to the resurrection have been up to in the past week.   In the reading we just heard, we have two guards, and we ...
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Which Neighbor?

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen March 28, 2021 Video of entire service (including Palm Sunday Procession with a real live donkey!): Scripture: Luke 19:28-40 I tell you, if they keep quiet, even the stones would cry out! (Luke 19:40) I was inspired when preparing my sermon this week by this verse and by the “Shouting Prayer” that was in our Lenten Prayer Guide. I thought, “Maybe we should have a shouting sermon?” But I don’t want to just shout my whole sermon. I’m going to need your help. What do you think? Kids? Will you help me? Grown-ups? For our ...
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Loving our Migrant Neighbor

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen March 21, 2021 Video of entire service: Scripture: Exodus 12:37-39,50-51 Welcoming the stranger is a non-negotiable mandate in our Christian faith tradition. It is clearly written in our United Methodist Social Principles, “We affirm the dignity, worth and rights of migrants, immigrants and refugees, including displaced stateless people…We urge United Methodists to welcome migrants, refugees, and immigrants into their congregations and to commit themselves to providing concrete support…We oppose all laws and policies that attempt to criminalize, dehumanize or punish displaced individuals and families based on their status as migrants, immigrants or refugees.” ( In ...
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Being and Bearing God for One Another

by Rev. Chris Jorgensen March 14, 2021 Video of Entire Service:  Scripture: Luke 24:33-43 I learned many things that profoundly changed the way I looked at God and humanity while I was in seminary. There were a lot of moments where there was just this profound deepening of my understanding of who God is with us and for us – and what it means for us to be made in the image of God. One of those moments was when I first read a theologian named Nancy Eiesland. She wrote a book titled The Disabled God. In it, she ...
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The Answer is “Nothing”

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen March 7, 2021 Video of entire service: Scripture: Acts 8:26-39 Hello church. Church in person. Church online. I want to ask you, like we did with the children just a moment ago, to breathe in and breathe out with me for a just a second.  I will not be afraid (breathe in) …for you are with me (breathe out).  Great, thanks, I needed that because now I have to figure out how to talk about eunuchs while there are children listening. I really do regret the timing of our coming back to in-person worship. So I ...
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