All God’s Creatures Got a Place at the Table

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen June 6, 2021 Video of entire service: Scripture: Romans 8:18-24 We are going to have communion today, and we are going to do the sung liturgy for the first time since the pandemic began. It’s been something like 15 months since we’ve celebrated communion in that way. Now, you might have noticed in the past that presiding at the communion table is a very emotional experience for me. You might hear my voice crack a little or see my eyes well up. It’s especially hard during that sung communion liturgy because music, as our Music ...
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God Will Bring It to Completion

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen May 30, 2021 Video of Entire Service: Scripture: Philippians 1:1-11 Last week, I confessed some of the things I've been struggling with lately. I mentioned that the work just doesn't seem to be flowing these days. I feel like I'm running into lots of little roadblocks in everything I do, and I've found myself more-easily-disheartened than usual. Like with most things in life, I also found out that I am not alone. Some of my pastor friends are struggling these days as well. I think it’s very pandemic-related. It's the space of being sort-of opened ...
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Holy Spirit in Every Push

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen May 23, 2021 Scripture: Acts 2:1-8,12-13; Romans 5:1-5 Video of entire service: I love me some drama! I love the drama of the Pentecost story - the one in the first scripture we heard today. It’s this amazing story of the first time the Holy Spirit arrived among the disciples. There’s this violent, loud wind and tongues of fire, and all of a sudden, the disciples started speaking in other languages. It was this miraculous, instantaneous transformation. Even the bystanders are amazed! They can hardly believe what they are seeing! I love this story. Truth ...
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Afflicted but Not Crushed

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen May 16, 2021 Video of entire service: Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:7-10, 16-18 Every time I preach on a graduation Sunday, I feel compelled to start my sermon as if I am a university commencement speaker. So. Faculty and staff, parents, families, friends, and distinguished guests (who wants to be my distinguished guest out there?), class of 2021, these are my words of advice and encouragement for you: Do NOT be optimistic. I repeat. Do NOT be optimistic. This week, I have been reading about “the Stockdale Paradox.” This idea is one featured in the book ...
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One Fierce Mother

By Rev. Chris Jorgensen May 9, 2021 Video of entire service: Scripture: Luke 13:31-34 Jesus is one fierce Mother.  I have come to appreciate that this week. For a long time, I have treasured verse 34 of the reading we heard today. I’ve loved Jesus’ words here. He says, “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often have I desired to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings.” Every time I hear these words, I think, “What a compassionate, loving, gentle Mother God we see in Jesus!” These words have helped me imagine God as a Mother ...
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