Until Justice and Righteousness Roll – July 31, 2022

Scripture: Micah 6:6-8 & Amos 5 (excerpts) The prophets are people and books in what we call the Old Testament or the Hebrew Bible. Major prophets, because of their length, are books like Isaiah and Jeremiah, and Minor Prophets, 12 books that include both Amos and Micah, where our scripture for today comes. Prophets and the prophetic books are not future tellers, they are not magic eight balls, or predictors of the future. On behalf of God, with the voice of God, they speak truth to power. They hold people and powers accountable. Prophets call the people back to ways ...
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Marvelously and Wonderfully Made – Garden Worship 7.28.2022

Marvelously and Wonderfully Made - Psalm 139:1-14 Several years ago in North Carolina, five year old Ainsley took a dance class.  Dance classes have recitals where the kids perform for friends and family, and one of these recitals was princess themed.  The students in class could come dressed as any princess they wanted.  And there are tons of options.  So what did Ainsely choose?  Ainsely came dressed, as a hot dog.  Ainsley was, the hot dog princess, and for a brief time that summer, Ainsley the hot dog princess was a viral internet sensation.  And of course she was.  She ...
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Rooted and Risen – July 24, 2022

Rooted and Risen - Colossians 2:6-19  I have a couple different guilty pleasure tv shows that I like to watch.  Ice Road Truckers about driving on a literal frozen highway that is only accessible certain times of the year.  A show on the weather channel about a dangerous highway in British Columbia and the big rig towing and wrecker companies that haul semis and larger machinery off the highway whey they get stuck.  And home improvement shows.  I love how home improvement shows can see the potential behind the surface and are committed to bringing their vision of restoration and ...
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Letters to the People: Rooted in Christ – July 17, 2022

Letters to the People: Rooted in Christ Colossians 1:15-28 July 17, 2022 – Rev. Stefanie Hayes   Weeds.    They spread.   They grow deep.   They choke things out.    Back in 2016 when I first moved to Nebraska, a town about 3 and a half hours west of here, I saw a random, out of place, but pretty, purple bloom in the parsonage flowerbed.  I happened to share with someone in the congregation about it because the plant was unusually tall and kind of spikey but not sharp or pokey.  The person immediately was like, cut it out, get rid of it because it ...
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Rooted in Hope – July 10, 2022 — Colossians 1:1-14

Before I was a pastor, I was a teacher.  I am originally from Texas and grew up in Austin.  I did my undergrad at The University of Texas at Austin where I got my bachelors in music education.  I play cello and taught orchestra for 5 years in a suburb of Dallas in the Plano independent school district.  When I was student teaching, they encouraged us to keep a happy folder.  As we had already discovered, and would learn more the longer we taught, teaching isn’t always sunshine and roses.  Some days, or weeks, or months, could be hard, like ...
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